Frequently Asked Questions in Covington

Find the answers below to the most frequently asked questions about chiropractors in Covington. Having the answers to these key questions can help you choose the right Covington chiropractor for you. If you don't see the answer below to a question you have, reach out to Back Pain Relief Chiropractic at (985) 875-2225 and our team can help!

What is a chiropractor?

A Chiropractor is a physician trained in the identification of spinal related injuries. This includes both the neck mid back and lower back. Chiropractors are also trained in the identification of other f the joint injuries to the arms and legs. Chiropractors are spine specialist.

What is chiropractic care?

Chiropractic care is focused on reducing stress to the various joints and muscles related to the spine. By reducing stress on the joints the muscles associated with those joints and the nerves that exit the spine can start to heal and the person can obtain pain relief and improve function.

Are chiropractors doctors?

Chiropractors are physicians and doctors. I am trained to identify the injuries that were respond to my treatment and when needed comanage with other physicians such as pain management doctors, neurologist, spine surgeons, orthopedist, physical therapist and your primary care physician. Appropriate referral for all conditions can be made as needed. Chiropractors are trained to take x-rays in order diagnostic test such as MRIs, CAT scans, bloodwork and neurodiagnostic testing.

What is the history of chiropractic care?

The profession of chiropractic started in the late 1800s and has been developing ever since. Chiropractic the third-largest healthcare profession in the country. Current research is demonstrating the safety and effectiveness of chiropractic care.

What does a chiropractor do?

Chiropractors treat injuries to the muscles and joints of the spine primarily but also the joints of the upper and lower extremity. Chiropractic care has been proven effective for a wide variety of problems including sprains and strains, headaches, pinched nerves such as pain and numbness going down the arms and legs.

Does chiropractic work?

Since the late 1990’s there has been a tremendous amount of published research both within the chiropractic and medical community supporting the benefits of chiropractic care. Especially in light of the failure of utilizing narcotic medication for pain relief of back and neck pain. Chiropractic care has proven to be the treatment of choice for the most common causes a back and neck pain.

Are chiropractors safe?

Chiropractic care is one of the safest treatments available. All the old past rumors chiropractors hurting people have been completely and thoroughly disproven by research. Chiropractors enjoy the lowest incidence of malpractice claims and the lowest malpractice insurance rates of any specialty. If chiropractic was not safe that would not be the truth.

Are there chiropractic adjustment side effects?

The only side effects that most people experience is some temporary soreness in the area being treated. Like the feeling somebody may have following too much exertion her exercise. Usually an application of ice calms that down and treatment can continue.

How many chiropractic sessions do you need?

Just like there have never been another person like you and they will never be another person just like you treatment recommendations are always individual and specific to the diagnosis of your injuries and who you are as unique and individual person.

How much does chiropractic care cost?

Chiropractic care is coming under almost all routine health insurance plans. The cost of care is also covered in the case of an automobile or work-related accident. If a person does not have insurance, there are plans a person can join to access significantly reduced fees. We are always happy to verify your coverage and discuss our fees prior to treatment. We participate in all major medical plans.

Why should you choose our office?

I have 39 years of experience. I have treated thousands of people over my career. Please take a moment to click on the tab that gives you more information about me and the ability to review my curriculum vitae which documents the extensive training I have had through both chiropractic college and medical school training in areas such as spinal biomechanics, evaluation and diagnosis of the traumatically injured, strokes and concussions, clinical nutrition, sports injuries, utilization of cold laser treatment and so much more. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me directly.

How do chiropractors relieve pain from injuries or accidents?

In order for a person to achieve pain relief from the injuries they receive in day-to-day accidents, automobile collisions, or work-related accidents first a accurate diagnosis needs to be established and then the appropriate treatment recommended. Chiropractic care is the most effective treatment for common causes of neck and back injuries from any cause.

Can I get chiropractic care during pregnancy?

Chiropractic care is safe and gentle throughout all the months of pregnancy and any related problems after giving birth. I have treated many pregnant women over my career including my wife. I always am willing to discuss any treatment recommendations with your obstetrician to ensure the best and safest treatment.

What type of education and training do chiropractors have?

This is a complex question. Basic chiropractic education comprises undergraduate school and then 4 to 5 years of chiropractic college. But like all professions the real training comes after graduation with experience and constantly pursuing new education as healthcare is always changing. The best way for you to understand my training is to view my curriculum vitae posted on my website. I have obtained significant postgraduate training in many areas and much of my training has been obtained through both postgraduate training through chiropractic colleges and medical colleges.

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