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How Corporations Can Benefit

Health & Wellness Solutions in Covington will have direct and measurable benefits to your company’s bottom line profits. In a time when recruiting and retaining qualified productive employees is becoming increasingly difficult, the establishment of a health and wellness program indicates to the employee you care about their current and future health and well-being and are willing to invest in them as an individual.

Employees who embrace this program and begin to incorporate the health-enhancing actions recommended will naturally help to support every member of their family. This lowers the risk of exposure to health claims by family members and lost time from work due to your employees needing to help an ill family member.

Measurable Results in Covington

  • A reduction of future health insurance costs based on your group’s current rating
  • A reduction in employee absences due to illness
  • Increased employee productivity
  • Employee awareness & responsibility in sharing lowering health care costs
  • Preservation of employee health insurance benefits
  • This program is the next logical step to take in addition to safety or injury prevention systems you currently utilize. Just as safety and injury prevention can slow and control your cost of workers' compensation insurance, a program of this type has a significant impact on the cost of your health care benefits.
  • Statistics indicate that as your workforce continues to age; 7 out of 10 of your employees will end up being diagnosed with cardiovascular disease, cancer, or diabetes. Loss of productivity and the cost of treatment will become a major burden on everyone involved. Many of your younger employees already exhibit the early stages of these disease processes, such as elevated blood pressure, high cholesterol, poorly regulated blood sugar, obesity, or regular use of prescription medication and poor physical conditioning.

Consider These Facts

  • The three foremost behaviors leaving people prone to developing chronic illness as listed in The Journal of the American Medical Association are tobacco use, poor diets, and lack of exercise. All of these are preventable. All employees know that smoking is not healthy. But there’s so much confusion about what is proper diet, what is proper exercise, and ways to help you incorporate these into lifestyles to get maximum results with a minimum of effort.
  • The cost of medical care for people with chronic illness accounts for 74% of the nation’s multi-trillion dollar medical cost. The dollar cost in the future is going to be immensely higher.
  • The estimated direct and indirect costs for diabetes are over $132 billion per year. Statistics by the CDC shows that many of your employees may already have undiagnosed diabetes, are at high risk of developing diabetes, or already have diabetes and are costing your health plan thousand of dollars per year. With a well-established health and wellness program diabetes can be prevented and well managed with minimal cost in both dollars and lost productivity by personnel.
  • In 2001, approximately $300 billion was spent on all cardiovascular diseases. Over $129 billion of lost productivity was due to cardiovascular disease.
  • The direct costs associated with physical inactivity alone was nearly $76 billion dollars in the year 2000.

How Employees Benefit

Each employee and their family members will benefit by obtaining better health and by doing so incur savings of hundreds, if not thousands of dollars when remaining healthy. By not having to pay higher deductibles and higher co-payments associated with doctor visits, and possibly hospital stays, health, and wellness programs are a win/win solution to rising health care costs.

Measurable Results

  • A feeling of increased vitality, energy and well-being
  • The ability to work in a much more focused and productive manner
  • The understanding that their employer cares about them as an individual and their family
  • Improved appearance and self-assurance resulting in higher work performances


Health & Wellness Solutions provides a winning program for all involved. It helps the employer save money, increase profits, control health care costs, retain valuable current employees, recruit health-conscious and progressive new employees and increase productivity throughout the company. It helps the employee by ensuring their health, helping them become more productive in both their professional and private lives, saves them money on health care expenses, and assures them a healthy, productive and bright future.

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